Silk thread bangles


Sorry for not posting for a very long time. I was very busy with other work.
Today's project is silk thread bangles. Its fun to make and in trend now a days with ethnic (indian) wear. You can make bangles matching your clothes. It can be made as a pair or single. I made these bangles for myself and people loved it. Since then I have made lots of them.  Here I used some of my old glass bangles but I recommend using plastic bangles just for safety. Lets start

Materials required
Old bangle (glass/plastic - if glass bangles adhere 6 bangles together with strong glue)
Fabric glue
Silk threads
Semi precious stones, gold ball chain,etc for decoration
Book or exam writing pad to wrap the silk threads

Start wrapping the silk thread to a book or writing pad like the above picture. Around 30-40 rounds should do. And then cut the thread where I have finger is pointing and secure them using glue. 

Make strands of thread like the above picture and keep them ready before starting the project.

Here, I have adhered 6 bangles for the thickness (can change as per personal choice). Apply glue to the inner side of the bangle as shown in the picture.

Place one of the silk strands as shown in picture and start wrapping them around the bangle. 

Once, one strand is over adhere the edge of the thread to  the bangle and secure it well. Start the same process until the bangle is completely wrapped in silk thread. 

Now the bangle is ready for decorating. 

This is the finished bangle. 

I will be some more silk bangles soon. 

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