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30 day coloring challenge

I am currently taking up 30 day coloring challenge by Kathy. The basic concept of this challenege is to color everyday atleast for 5 mins for 30 days.  I decided to decicate an hour everyday and try my best to produce 30 pictures (one everyday). I am trying my best to complete this challenege. I would like to thank Kathy for coming up with this challenege, as it helps us to push ourselves. I will be adding more pictures to this post. I have made a multi color bird from one of Kathy's stamp. Since I don't have much stamps or die cuts I prefer to draw them. 
Today is the last day of 30 day coloring challenege. I have sucessfully completed the task. I have uploaded all 30 pictures I colored. I have used stylefile markers and color pencils.

Stylefile markers card

Minions are cutefictional characters from animation movie “Despicable me”. I just love them so much. Instead of using color pencils for coloring the minion I used stylefile markers. There are alcohol based markers which blend 2 colors. They are available from sets of 12 colors to 765 pieces which is a retail display. They are non refillable markers much cheaper than copic markers which are very expensive. Though copic markers are awesome, I like stylefile markers a lot. They are the best for beginners. Each marker has a broad tip and thin tip. The thin tip helps in coloring small areas. I took a white card and drew a picture of the minion and colored it with stylefile markers. I then pasted it on another red card stock and the card is ready. 

Another card using stylefile markers is a Christmas card. I wanted it to be very different from usual cards so I drew a Christmas bell and used 2 shades of blue for the bell. Here I used 3 different shades of green for the leaves and cherry red fo…

Madhubani style peacock pencil sketch

This is my favorite madhubani pencil art…. Peacock is just a description of beauty in god’s creation.  I was super bored one day and thought I wanted to draw something apart from cartoon and do some quilling. That’s when I came across a peacock madhubani picture and immediately I caught that idea of drawing a peacock. I didn’t want to make it simple and make it look royal and rich. I was thinking as to how I wanted to make this picture.

I just drew peacock head and body and didn't have the slightest idea of what to do with the feathers. I thought I would first finish what I drew and then proceed to the feathers. And without thinking for long the picture just happened. Everyone who has seen this picture has just loved it. Once this was a hit among my circle, everyone one wanted to have this piece. So, eventually I bought small canvas boards (cardstock size) and drew this picture with pencil and the result was amazing. Thereafter I got a few orders to make this peacock on canvas for …

Home remedies 1

Hi everyone, I have an interesting post for all today. Its home remedies, which my friend shared in facebook fromcurejoy. I thought I will share the same in my blog as well.   All these home remedies just requires things from our kitchen. I personally prefer home remedies/natural treatment for common cold, sore thorat, etc. I generally try to aviod medicines these days. I consume a lot of fruits and vegetables in my diet and have a cup of tea twice a day. I include green tea in my diet amd drink a lot of fluids like buttermilk, fresh fruit juice. During rainy season, I consume ginger tea everyday in morning to aviod common cold/sore throat/stomach infection. I tend to take precautions before I fall ill.  I have some images of home remedies in this post and I will be adding some more in my other posts as well. I hope everyone gets benefited by this.