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Reasons to travel

Reasons why we should travel
Travel is movement of people to different geographical locations for the purpose to get rid routine daily activities. It could be for a vacation with family/loved ones/friends or a pilgrimage trip or business travel or volunteer charity travel.
It’s a general idea these days that travelling to a destination is expensive and some might not be interested in spending money on travel. But travelling actually rejuvenates us physically and mentally.
Travelling is also educational at the same time. Travelling to a new place is the best way to educated on history and geography. Learning a new language, knowing new culture, meeting new people is the best way to knowledge about a place. For example, a place like Italy has a different language, culture, food, people and history which helps us widen and refreshes our mind.
Travel makes our adventurous even we are not. A place like New Zealand has lots of adventurous and daring activities which boosts our adrenaline. It …